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Have you Googled Yourself Lately?  

Why you should and how to go about it.  


Often times the topic of the Tips and Tricks are going to be based on something happening either in work or life. Recently, I had someone want to know how SEO translated into traffic for website. The first thing I did was take Screenshots of their Google Prescence. Why? Because Google is still listed as the #1 Search Engine and since it owns the Android Mobile Operating System, and according to Statista there are over 2.3 billion users Worldwide, we cannot afford to not wonder what Google Reflects. 

However, did you know there is a better way than just Googling your name and seeing what generates? The best way to determine what your Google Rankings are is to use Google Analytics, however, if you are just curious…  

  1. Open a web browser you generally don’t use. If you don’t have a secondary browser, you can just use your main browser.  
  2. Open Private Browsing, depending on the browser will determine where this is located, but for Chrome and Firefox users, it’s located in the upper left. Safari users it’s located under File.  
  3. Open a regular browser now, it’s fine if you are logged into it.  

Now Google Search yourself, business, books, or any topic you are curious about in both the Private Browser and your regular one. You will see some that there are different results between the two. The one you need to notice focus on the most is the Private Mode. Private browsing is without your history or current cookies (browser files) determining the results. To change the results, you see will take time, effort, and SEO.  


If you have any topics that you would like to hear about let Coffee Time Romance or myself know.  If I understand it, I will cover it in one of the Tips and Tricks. If I don’t understand it, I may end up looking it up. Before getting my MBA and BS degrees, I often learned something new for a client by simply being asked.   

Personalized Marketing Inc is excited to be a part of the Coffee Time Romance newsletter. We look forward to sharing Tips, thoughts and the occasional ‘oh wow that really happened’ with its dedicated readers. Some of what we will cover will be marketing and website related but we will also cover other topics as well, including security online and life’s curveballs. So, remember to always “Stop and Enjoy Your Coffee!” every day will find a way to fill itself even if you don’t have any plans. 


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